Transportation; "It Beats Walking"

The growth of the United States and the age of photography has also largely paralleled the age of transportation. For the first 100 years of the United States, nothing much happened to how the average person traveled. A change was underway with the Steam Age and machines but these did not impact citizensĀ much until the 1850's with the railroads. By the 1850's inventions in the steam engine led to the advent of the steamship and locomotive. By the end of the Civil War in 1865 mass change was underway with these "machines" and camera shutters were clicking to follow. Progress ensued.

1. 1870's rushed with steam ocean liners

2. 1910 there were roads, cars and bus lines

3. 1920's brought us passenger air flight

4. 1930's brought mass airmail and furtherĀ developments of the airplane

5. 1940's and WWII accelerated the airplane

6. 1950's brought on President Eisenhower and the US Interstates system and the age of the automobile

7. 1960's brought the Space Race and a trip to the moon

    The rest is modern history, but what a ride and what a 100 years.Ā