Nature "Not made by Man and not Moving"

Nature is a very large topic but easy to see! At HIP we define nature as something not created by man and not moving. It could be rather recent, a new flower, or as old as the ages like the Grand Canyon. It also can not move around on it's own. On the other hand, clouds move and we would classify them as nature! Thus nature is fleeting as the wind.

We differentiate nature from landscapes. Nature to us has a more singular focus than a broad sweeping panorama picture. Thus it is more of a focus of a tree than the forest. Come take a look and see what you think. There is a lot to look at.

Ironically, nature in the world used to be plentiful, but photos of it were relatively rare. Today, in modern times, photographs of nature are plentiful but "nature" is shrinking. This is a statement to the lack of concern for nature as humans "shaped" our world.