The Innocence of Youth, and the Camera

Here at HIP, we're convinced that photographs of children have something special to tell us about how the photographic medium functions. From staged portraits to silly snapshots, children just seem a little less guarded when they interact with a camera. Unlike adults, who are busy posing in an effort to cultivate a particular image of themselves and their lives, children appear so carefree and unafraid. Something about that lack of fear and contrivance creates a photograph that just feels more authentic. Photographs of children make us feel as if we're getting a real window in another life, rather than just another pose or mask. Whether these photographs are actually more honest than others is a question that we can't quite answer, but the fact that they feel more honest -- well, that feeling speaks volumes about us, the viewers. Once again, photographs become a mirror for the observer rather than a window into the world. For that revelation, we thank the children.