Sports "The Winners and Losers"

Organized sports in America was to a large degree parallel with the advent of the modern camera. Not that one necessarily caused the other but they go together like Salt & Pepper. While the history of some sports is blurry, generally it is agreed that the below is representative of the beginning of the modern era of the below sports.

  1. Basketball 1891 (American) 
  2. Baseball 1846 (American)
  3. Football 1869 (England) 
  4. National (World) Boxing Association 1921 
  5. Horse Racing 1665 Long Island, NY 
  6. Auto Racing 1895 (Chicago-Evanston) 
  7. America's Cup First raced in the UK in 1851 and won by the schooner America. 

What most of us identify as sports today are "modern versions" that are molded to television and the advertising market. These sports actually have deeply embedded roots in our history, many of which paralleled what would be considered the advent of the modern camera from 1865 - 1875. 


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