Social Change

 "Some Kind of Wonderful and Makes a Statement"

The wonderful thing about America is that it is a constant "Work in Progress". We are an evolving, constant changing country. In America we worship change.

I best had America expressed to me by 2 European cab drivers when I worked in Europe. They were in Holland and England. They both expressed to me that if you were born a son of a cab driver in Europe you were destined to be a cab driver. In Europe people focus on castles and the past, in America we focus on the future and change.

Sometimes, change does not come smoothly and is termed "social unrest". When you can capture this moment in a photo you generally have a great image. These are also scarce as everyone did not use to have a camera phone. or the skill to "capture the moment" of emotion.

America and the camera age was born of change and change is just guaranteed to accelerate with technology. HIP will continue to try to capture it as we go. As  I told a new customer that would sit down at my bar Bojangles while I bartended in Georgetown in DC: "Strap on your safety bel we are about to go on a ride". That is social change.