"Related to Fighting Without Lawyers"

Militaria is a very vast topic and I am all for the wise man that penned the comment, "Make love, not War". That being said, who does not like watching a good military parade of Scottish Highlanders while listening to "Scotland the Brave". We have had militaria as long as we have had man and man had possessions.

Militaria at HIP covers a very wide spectrum. over the last 150 years. We cover Peacetime military as well as Wartime. We go south to the Mexican Border disputes and touch on the Civil War. We cover the Spanish American War, Indian Wars, Vietnam and the World wars. Also, don't forget our MASH-like photos of the Korean War. 

If you're looking for Military Vehicles, like spacecraft, and airplanes, they will be in the transportation area of the website. Soldier portraits and such are in this section.You will also stumble on some military collections in this portion of the website. I particularly recommend looking up the pictures of George Sakata on the 100th infantry 442nd RCB Batallion. This was the infamous "Go For Broke" Japanese Batallion that won more Medal of Honors than any brigade in the US Army history. George Sakata skill was staying alive and photography. He was very good at both.