Cityscapes "Including a Few Trees"

Cities in America I rather young as America itself. Saint Augustine, the oldest American city is a youngster approaching 500 years. Santa Fe comes in second and Boston in 1630 is approaching 400. City photographs of buildings were relatively rare. They were hard to fit in a picture and not as "relevant" as the people. Larger cityscapes did not become available until a high enough elevation, close to the desired subjects were mastered. Often high church belfries became favorite places and were built in mass in the later 1800's with the expansion of a religious society. As the buildings, skyscrapers, and density of the cities grew, the number of cityscape photographs grew with them.

One thing you will occasionally find in small numbers in our cityscapes are the undervalued trees. Generally, they had all been cut for firewood and would not make a return to the cityscape until the 1870's. The photo of the Nantucket Civil War Monument Square on HIP is a testament to that. Likely taken within a decade after the monument was built there is not a tree in site. A sharp contrast to today.