Animals, Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians  "Not your Saturday Night Variety"

These are our larger friends we occupy our planet with. Earlier photographs of our pets are relatively uncommon. Early film was expensive and the pets were second on the list after humans, when it came to pictures. As the richness of our Society grew, so did the number of pictures we took of our pets.

First came the horses and oxen. They were very relevant to our survival and signs of industry and wealth and were often the subject of large portrait photographs. The dogs and cats were next and started to pop up more in the 1880's. Surprisingly, they seemed harder to keep them all still for photographs as many are blurred. This may also have something to do with the number of growing amateur photographers wanting pictures of their pets! 

Still, by 1900 and 1970 it is difficult to find photos of the rest of our creatures Birds, fish, sheep, and goats. They are all difficult to find and harder to find than the circus creatures. High-quality portrait photos also are prized. These are generally the ones sought after and taken by the professional photographer. At HIP, we look for these as well as the unusual poses and these are what we share.