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Who is “History In Photographs”?

History In Photographs is a website devoted to recording the best of the world’s history that has been saved on film in the last 150 years, the time that modern photographs have been around. We actively look for the best photo negatives in the world that are skillfully taken by both amateurs and professionals and procure the rights to share those photos with our users. Each image is meticulously restored to better than its original life quality by our team of European artisans and made available to you in limited editions. HIP has been 150 years in the making and is a result of the billions that have taken photographs over the last 150 years and those that contributed into the technology that made all this possible today.


About our Art

Each of our photographs is hand-picked for content and artistic merit. We document history through the captured moments in people's lives that are impossible to reproduce.  Our restoration artists spend hours personally cleaning, scanning, and editing away decades of dirt, blemishes, and discoloration to restore each photograph to its original beauty.



What You Can Expect

Be sure to check out HIP’s blog each day to learn about daily historical events, to read about featured photos, and to stay updated with current events.  You can even become a fellow hipster by interacting with our content and commenting on our posts with any information or connection you have to our content.  We look forward to you all starting this journey in exploring the most beautiful history our company can find!

Social Media

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