Five Things to Look Forward to in the Fall Equinox

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First Day of Fall: 5 Things to Look Forward to...

Although the summer heat has not left all parts of the country yet, such as my sticky home in Atlanta, the season of brilliant foliage shows, crisp air, and pumpkin and apple flavored everything is upon us.  What makes this time of the year so wonderful?  Maybe it is the anticipation of the vast number of holidays soon, or perhaps it is that we can all enjoy the comfort foods that we love because our “winter bodies” can hide underneath cozy sweaters?  We all light up inside over different aspects of this season, but I think it is safe to say that we all want to capture the moments as they happen so that we can sit around and think about the good times later.  Here are a few of our favorite elements of the fall equinox.

Festive Activities

The fall season is arguably the only season that offers a variety of activities for all people.  There are sporting events, wilderness adventures, and family functions happening constantly.  You can say goodbye to pal, sad grocery store apples because apple orchards are flourishing with fresh food ready to pick right off the tree.  This and pumpkin patches are two great ways to get into the fall mood; plus, it kills two birds with one stone because you can get physical activity and have a great time with family or friends.  If you are not interested in the fruit picking scene, there other more adrenaline-based activities to engage yourself with, such as college football tailgates and haunted houses.

Fall Food

Break out the slow cookers, ladies and gentlemen.  Fall is the season of stews, casseroles, and creamy pasta dishes.  Sure, you can eat these dishes year-round, but who wants to eat a hot bowl of macaroni when it is over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit outside and you must put on your swimsuit in an hour?  Not an ideal situation when the sun is blaring and you are three-quarters exposed, but you don’t have to worry about this with the temperature drop and the sweet addition of all the fall fashion choices.

Fall Clothing

Eating all the delicious, warm foods can be problematic to your waistline, but that is easily fixed with the retirement of tank tops and sun dresses.  Say hello to the loose sweaters, stretchy waistbands, and fuzzy socks.  Sweaters, scarves, and boots look fantastic pair together, plus they are ever so comfortable.  Bonus!  Football jerseys are also back in season.


Halloween is the spookiest days of the year, and the thirty days leading up to it only build the anticipation.  Netflix is flooding with horror films, Halloween spirit shops are open on every other street corner, and children can’t stop talking about what they want to dress up as.  It is a fun month full of spooky gathers and themed-party foods, not to mention the abundance of candy that fills the grocery store isles.

College Football

Last on the list, but not the least, is college football.  Who doesn’t love the war within the home when half of the family is cheering for Auburn and the other half is rooting for Alabama.  The tailgating and the sportsmen ship bring friends and families together to eat good food and celebrate a great American sport.


If your favorite thing about fall wasn’t mentioned on the above list, please comment below what you love most! 


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