Fabulous Fall Festival Season

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As we grow closer to the changing of the leaves and the crisping of the air, we also near the fall fairs.  The autumnal equinox will soon take place once again, marking the end of the summer heat and the start of the fall season.  Before we referred to this time as “autumn”, it was known as the “harvest season” because it was the time to reap all the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains that were planted and labored over since the spring.  If anything, this glorious season is a time to celebrate the end of hard work and to appreciate the finer things in life, such as college football, pumpkin carving, and fall festivals.

History of Fall Festivals

Just as people across the United States now enjoy the crisp chill in the evening air and the bright colored leaves that hang from the trees, previous generations did as well.  These photographs of the 1918 circus provide us with a glimpse into the past. The images reveal that despite the country has made technological and social advancements, people have not changed much over the past century.  In modern times, people get just as excited to drive past the fair or festivals as the people of a hundred years ago.  It is hard not to when you think of viewing the unique animals, obscene performers, and the wonderful smell of fair food throughout the air.


Here, we have a midget and an escape artist standing on a platform, anticipating giving their performance in front of the large crowd.  Children and adults stand in wonder as they anticipate the start of the performance. Children stand towards the front with curious expressions on their faces, as the adults are mostly huddled towards the back and make casual side conversations. On the platform, the midget is dressed in a clown costume and smiles as he turns his head towards the camera behind him. The escape artist appears to be a young girl, and she stands in front of a T-shaped pole made of wood. In the background, various signs and advertisements line the wall of the room.

 Although there have been big changes in traveling, education, and the economy over the past one hundred years, something that has yet to change is people’s enjoyments of the fall festivals.  Weather you go to bob for apples, munch on some funnel cakes, ride some questionable rides, or witness main attractions, there is a little bit of magic for children and adults alike.  The enchanting change in season reminds us of the beauty that results from working diligently, just as photos remind us that even with a tremendous amount of change, some beautiful things about human nature stay static.


For the locals, here is a list of the best fall festivals happening this season:

  • Home By Dark Concert series - Alpharetta, GA - Aug 25 to Dec 13, 2018
    A concert experience like no other, Home By Dark delivers original music, storytelling, hope, laughter, and evidence that “A Song Can Change Your Life.”
  • Sandy Springs Festival - Sandy Springs, GA - Sep 22 to Sep 23, 2018
    A tradition since 1984. Artists Market, 5K/10K, live musical entertainment, food, pet parade and children’s park (petting zoo, inflatables, face painting and more).
  • North Georgia Folk Festival - Athens, GA - Sep 29, 2018
    Music, arts & crafts, food, kids activities and more, held at Sandy Creek Park (with its dinosaur playground!)
  • Georgia National Fair - Perry, GA - Oct 4 to Oct 14, 2018
    An annual, family friendly event since 1990 with agricultural exhibits, fireworks, midway rides, concerts and street entertainers.
  • Atlanta Oktoberfest - Atlanta, GA - Oct 6, 2018
    Location: Der Biergarten, 300 Marietta St, Atlanta, GA 30313


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